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Here's a follow-up on my Parallels' installation that I've been using at a client's for few months now. It's about making Parallels run faster :)clap:) with Vista :)ptptptptp).

So, great relief attained yesterday.

The issue...
I'm running the latest version of Parallels on the latest version of OS X on a recent MacBookPro to simulate Vista (don't ask... client still running that stupid/buggy system). Well I've been complaining --and searching the web for a solution-- about the awful slowness of Vista under Parallels v6. Just unbearable and unacceptable. But then I said to myself, hey, welcome to the buggy world of Windoze.

But my patience ran out...

Quick, to the point!
Until yesterday morning... I uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security yesterday morning as my client installed its Norton client license on my VM. Well, well, well !! An humongous, amazing, fabulous, formidable increase in performance happened. Applications react instantly (the way they should I suppose!), virtually no delays anymore when switching from VM to Mac apps. Wow. Total amazement.

Great stuff. I can now enjoy what I've been reading about Parallels and how great it is. Indeed.

Voilà. My little share of joy for this Saturday morning.
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