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Parallels Help

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out. I recently had the misfortune of someone purchasing my daughter a Barbie game... to make matters worse it's Windoze only... Upon looking at the non-demanding system requirements I thought it would work without a problem. Here is what is listed on the box:
Minimum Configuration:
* Windows(R) 98/Me/2000(Install in Admin)/XP(Install in Admin)
* Pentium(R) III (or equivalent) 450 MHz or faster
* 128 MB RAM or higher
* 24x CD-ROM drive or faster
* 300 MB on HD
* 16-Bit color
* 800 x 600
* 32 MB 3D video card with Windows(R)DirectX(R) 9.0-compatible driver
* Windows(R)DirectX(R) 9.0-compatible sound card
* Keyboard
* Mouse

Installation went without a hitch but when I try and run it I get the following message:

"This program requires a compatible video card with 32mb of memory or above. Please make sure that you have the latest video drivers installed and DirectX 9.0. Make sure hardware acceleration is turned up to full and your colour is set to 16-bit colours or higher"

Any chance of running this POS????

Thanks in advance guys!
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All the info I could find with Google, claims that DirectX 9 is NOT supported in the current Parallels release.

Doh! OK now I've got one unhappy little girl LOL... she can't even play it on Grandmas PC because it doesn't have a 3D video card
thanks very much for the info BTW!
Yeah, both Parallels 3.0 and VMware Fusion 1.0 only support up to DirectX 8.1. Apparently DirectX 9 compatibility with virtualization software is a real bear to engineer. It will come in time, but unfortunately not now. Your only option is a real PC or Boot Camp. Boot Camp and Windows will run DirectX 9 games perfectly.

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