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For those who don't read French, here is a rough translation of the link mentioned above. Grammar mistakes are their own, not mine.

- VertiGoGo

"We are re-running the news for more clarity.

We contacted Frederic Morel, Software Products Manager at Apple France.

Machines that will be eligible for the "free" update are:
- Computers purchased since October 8.
- Apple's online store says machines purchased after 16/08. It must mean delivered after 16/08, including all the G5s. To find out more:

We then contacted the Apple Store. The conditions are the same. But they will make a commercial gesture by offering the update "free" to recent machine buyers. In general, this includes machines purchased since the start of the Apple Expo.

In order to get it (the update):
- Do not call! It is useless.
- Wait to receive your receipt!
- Then send a message with your coordinates, your web order number and the machine's serial number to [email protected]. Requests will be processed in a few days. We remind you again on their behalf. It's useless to call and tie up the phone lines, you will not get anything more."
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