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I'm looking to order an internal drive for my (office's) 533 G4 tower. The CD-RW drive that came with it is dead and I'd like to replace it with something along the lines of DVD-R/CD-R combo.

I'm looking for something along the lines of:

1) Internal
2) DVD read/write (or rewrite) capabilities
3) CD-ROM read and/or (re)write capabilites
4) DVD-RAM would be a bonus
5) all of the above (if possible) :D

The kicker is, I'm not all that keen on installing it myself and if at all possible, it would be nice if a technician came in and installed it on-site (we're a very busy design firm and don't have time to lug it in for a day, or have me fudge around and possible screw something up).

Anyone know of any suppliers (or internal drives) that may fit the bill?

So far I've contacted The Mac Group and am waiting for a response. I may contact B.Mac, but only if it's a last resort... so far their customer service hasn't dazzled me nor my peers as of lately (despite the large amounts of hardware we've invested -- but that's another story).

Thanks in advance!!!

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