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Has anyone had much luck with the new folder merge in OSX Lion?

It seems it only works on copy/paste (or drag with option held, which is the same thing) and not with a cut/paste drag. This seems silly to me unless OSX is not confident it will work properly and is leaving you a second copy.

Additionally, it will not work at all for me on an external HDD, even if it is formatted with OSX's default file system.

Unfortunately the only documentation I have been able to find on this new feature is as follows:

"Merge folders
When you try to combine two folders with the same name, the Finder now offers to merge them into a single folder."

I have to say I am am very disappointed with Apple's implementation of folder merge. They are not at all delivering on what is advertised.

Has anyone else had better luck? Maybe I am doing something wrong? Or is it back to the terminal to manage folders for me?
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