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The early iMacs are a bit underpowered, out of the box, for OS X. Even maximizing RAM and increasing the HD space isn't going to give you much performance, however, they are rated to run with OS X.

Minimum requirements for OS X are a G3 processor, 128MB RAM and about 4GB of HD space which basically can be done with any iMac, but I suspect anything under 300 MHz and lower video card than 16MB will not be very fast.

Personally, I'd recommend a minimum of 256MB RAM, at *LEAST* a 6GB hard drive (Partitioned into a 5GB partition for OS X and a separate 1GB (or even 500MB) for OS 9.

You'd want a MINIMUM of an 8MB Video card.

Anything Pre-iMac is not guaranteed to work, as it is not supported by Apple for OS X. Even if the specifications are valid. Some people have managed to get a few to work though, so it is not impossible.

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