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There, I feel better now. My local Mac guru agrees with me.
He's a pretty decent guy (can crack, too) who hasn't embraced OS X but has tried YD on his 8500 and wasn't impressed enough to switch from Classic.

> By the way, the new G4 (yes, a new design G4!) is OS 9
> bootable. Apple is trying to make it easier to migrate
> to OS X - not just for the consumer, but also to buy
> time for the programmers and developers. Yes, there
> are many problems with OS X for peripheral devices,
> PCI cards, SCSI, etc.
> supplies drivers for OS X for USB
> webcams that are not supported. That's one of the > strengths of Open Source - making unusable stuff usable.


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What is it that you don't like?Specify.
Now,maybe I'm a dumbass here and didn't understand the post but if he is trying OSX on an 8500 it's no wonder he thinks it sucks.He should try it on a Mac that can actually run it.
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