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Yes, I received my copy about eight weeks after I placed my order. :D :D It came with four disks: two disks entitiled Mac OS X v10.2 Install disk (one and two), Getting Started with Mac OS X version 10.2 (Self-Paced & Practice files), and Mac OS 9 (v9.2.1). Also it came with: an instruction booklet entitled Welcome to Mac OS X, A letter entitled Dear Educator, an AppleCare Software Service and Support Guide sheet, two Software Licence Agreements (single use) (one on a sheet and one in a multi-lingual booklet), and a sheet that includes Apple Software Proof-of-Purchase Coupons.

I have only installed 9.2.1 as of yet as I plan to upgrade to a newer system (hopefully a B&W G3 or older G4) and will keep this software to install on it, and sell my RevB iMac with OS8.6. I am happy with the time period and what I received.

If the earlier comment in this thread about being at a "Microsoft school" means your school uses Wintel boxes, don't worry so does mine :( but I still received my copy. If you are unsure about when you will receive it (it gets shipped directly to your school but comes in your name in a manilla envelope without a business name on it) you can email Apple for an update (as the original correspondence you should have received with your confirmation number states). I feel Apple has done a great job in getting this in the hands of teachers, and yes I plan in taking my Mac to work, hooking it up on the network with Jaguar on it to show the rest of my school division exactly why my Mac is better than their crap. :D :D
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