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i got drafted!

my work [future shop] just opened a new store in orangeville a few days ago, and the grand opening is this weekend.

now i know a whole lot of you have a bone to pick with my employers, but opening up a store in orangeville is pretty cool, since apparently there isn't much in the way of electronic stores up in that area.

anyway, a couple of us hamilton future shop mac guys (myself in the communications department and another in the computer department) have been picked to represent hamilton at the grand opening of the orangeville store for a couple of days.

so if you're in the area, drop by and say hello!

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I naturally assumed you were in Moncton for some
strange reason....Cripes!!!

Oh well...
I guess I should have asked before trying to help you
find stuff like a H.D. near you in Moncton.

Actually, I am. Sort of. I'm in Moncton Monday-Thursday, and in Fredericton Friday-Sunday. Complicated situation. :cool: College purposes.
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