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Steve Jobs put it in a way that really made sense to me (And any effect of the RDF would of worn off by now).

Don't think the PC and the TV will ever combine. If I want my TV controller device to record Survivor, it darn well better make sure that it records Survivor. That's going to be tough to do if Mrs. ehMax decides she wants to use the PC to balance the books or check her email, or if one of 3 little ehMaxette's wants to play Finding Nemo. Or what if someone wants to watch The Bachelor XVII when I want to make some posts on ehMac?

As Steve pointed out, people go to their Mac to turn their brains on... to read, to create, to edit.... People go to their TV's to turn their brains off. To "not do" but to be entertained or spoken too. That's not at all saying TV's a bad thing. But when I'm done on my computer and I want to watch TV and be entertained, I'm not going to roll back by office chair, sit in the couch behind me, call the family that the Entertainment Centre is free, and make some popcorn and stare at my Mac.

There will be some cross between. I think my Mac can play music nicely in the background. When I'm traveling, my laptop plays DVD's nicely. But I don't think there will ever be a market to merge the home PC and the entertainment centre.

Maybe a specific entertainment centre "Tivo" type device, but not a merge between the two.

My 2¢. ;)
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