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Online Photo Hosting

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I know you can purchase .Mac membership and post through iPhoto, but are there any easy free ways to post multiple pictures online at once? I've tried imageshack but it doesn't really support multiple photo uploads, it seems as if you have to do one at a time.

What do you all use to upload photos?
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Look into flickr - I think they have something that works with iPhoto.

Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
Facebook has a iphoto plug in.
do you know how to get the iphoto plugin for facebook??
Picasa Web Albums works well for me. I can't remember if there's an iPhoto plugin for it though. I just use the seperate Uploader App. because I rarely use iPhoto.
sony imagestation

Sony Imagestation is pretty easy to use, unlimited space and easily accessible.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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