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You Call This Service?

30,000 readers speak out: PC support remains shaky, and reliability is
slipping. And the best-backed computer may not be a PC.,aid,105854,00.asp

An article in PC World laments the woeful state of PC technical
support; Obviously, much of the headache comes from Windows
counter-intuitive, buggy nature.

David Pogue writes: "This article is quite an eye-opener. It says that
technical support is terrible these days. Of course, we all know that,
but it feels good just to see it in print. 57 percent of PC users
surveyed said that online tech support didn't solve their problems; 45
percent of callers to technical hotlines reported that their problems
went unsolved on the first call; 33 percent of new home PCs had
defective components."

The quality of technical support from Dell in particular has plummeted.
The company rated only fourth place among major computer makers.

Guess who took the first-place spot? Apple.

Here's the ranking in order:


Independent shops

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We already knew this. Too bad more of my buddies couldn't have read this before they bought their PC's. (odd that Toshiba wasn't on the list. Most of my friends have Toshiba laptops)

I have been pretty persistent about how good Macs are, but they just glaze over when I show them something like this. If I email them an article that shows, in clear facts and figures, how much better Macs are then most of them just delete it without reading the darn thing!

"More Mac propaganda" is what I hear back from them. Along with the old arguments of "They're just too expensive" and "if they're so darn good then why do 95% of the world use PC's?"

Why, indeed? :rolleyes:
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