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one line, two lines, red lines, bluelines...

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The end is near, or is this just the beginning of the end? The LCD on my faithful pb12" of 5 years has begun to crap out. It started with a 1 pixel thick horizontal line about an inch below the top, it is now about 5 pixels wide. I really can't complain as I've had this machine for so long without a problem bigger than software...oh, and the wife and I were wrestling the other day and we knocked it off the couch. Of course, there was nothing evident at the time but after a week, I can't really blame the wife for it now, can I.

I've looked around and I've found several things.
1. There's not much hope of fixing this LCD, I've tried massaging it a little and that may have made it worse.
2. There are replacements on ebay and elsewhere that look like I'm gonna fork out $100 to $350 for a replacement.
3. The tear-down and rebuild for an LCD on the PB12" is rather involved. While I'm always up for this sort of thing I can also hear a little doctor's voice in my head saying that there are no guarantees with any major surgery.

Is there anything else I'm missing before I go off and purchase a new LCD? Has any of you replaced your own PowerBook/iBook/Macbook screen?

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You can blame your spouse if you like, but that would inevitably result in much less 'wrestling', which wouldn't be a good thing, I would guess...

Perfect time to go shopping for a MacBook...
This is the perfect reason to upgrade and migrate away from PPC-based Macs... I second CanadaRAM's suggestion - a new MacBook is in order. :)
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