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One good aspect of Global Warming....

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Tories may scrap plan for new icebreakers

The six smaller boats proposed by the military appear to be less ice-capable, but much less expensive, as well.

"Much of the ice is starting to melt and the shipping season in the Arctic is getting longer and longer," said Pierre LeBlanc, the former commander of Canadian Forces in the North. "But nevertheless we should have a capability to operate in our Arctic waters all year round."

The icebreakers were one Con promise I liked.... c'est la vie...
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Yep... this is the kind of behavior I expect from the Cons... make lots of good promises, but only keep the ones that either don't cost much or which promote the homogenization of north america under the US government.

The icebreakers were a good idea, and maintaining some sovereignty over the arctic is something Canada should be investing in.

One bad aspect of melting ice sheet at the North Pole we lose are only claim to the place H0H OHO ;)
This could be a bad move by the Conservatives because buying armed icebreakers to protect arctic sovereignty was probably something with a lot of support from their base.
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