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The Omni Group is currently writing the next version of their browser OmniWeb, but they have dropped their own rendering engine in favour of Apple's new WebCore (which is what Safari is using.

Maybe now OmniWeb will be a contender, which would be a good thing.

You can check out the Sneaky Peek release of OmniWeb 4.5 here, but it wont run without an OmniWeb 4.x license.

As pointed out by John Gruber
Omni's old rendering library did OK with old-style web pages, laid out with tables and with type specified in font tags. But its handling of CSS is, well, piss-poor. Switching to WebCore means dropping their own code, code they'd been building ever since OmniWeb started life on NeXT, years before Mac OS X. (OmniWeb's copyright date is 1994.) It's hard to drop your own code, but this is clearly the right move for The Omni Group.


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