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OmniWeb, and the company that makes it The OmniGroup, have been around since OS X was still NeXTSTEP. The first version for os X (v3 or 3.5) wasn't that great but version 4 was quite popular. It was plagued by Omni's web rendering engine though, which had a hard time with some things like more advanced CSS.

With the most recent release, v 4.5, they have dumped their own rendering engine and are using Apple's WebCore and JavaScriptCore which are the engines that drive Safari. Not only is it now faster and more standards compliant, but they can spend more time working on their UI and let Apple do all the hard work with the rendering engine.

Probably the most amazing part (but not surprising considering how long they have been working with Cocoa) is that they acomplished all of this before Apple released any kind of SDK or developer documentation for WebCore other than a note saying "we don't recommend you use it yet".

Tres Cool!

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