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Hi all,

I've got an old Quadra 660av, a dead SCSI HD (I think it's about 250mb or so..)
I've been tempted to revive it - for old times sake and to compare it with my newer equipment :p

I've acquired a few 4.2 GB Seagate ST34573A SCSI Hard Drives and so far every one I plug onto the SCSI controller - they don't spin at all, nor do the OS (I've got System 7.6 on a CD) - can't seem to mount them.

Any ideas? I've got a gut feeling that these need to be formatted on a newer Macintosh.


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It's not clear from your description if you can boot from the CD or if you can't even boot at all.

If you can boot from the CD and it's just the hard drive that won't mount, then look for the application called "Disk Utility". It should be in the Utilities folder on the CD. Run Disk Utility and it will try to find and mount the drives. If there are no Mac drivers on the drive it will ask you if you want to format the drive. You can format the drive as long as there isn't anything you want on it, since formatting will erase it. Your System 7 boot CD will only allow you to format in regular HFS. System 8.1 and newer will also allow you to format in HFS+, but keep in mind that system 7 cannot read an HFS+ disk.

If the computer won't even boot from the CD then you might have a SCSI address conflict. Each SCSI device should have a unique number from 1 to 6. If two devices are given the same number then the system won't know what to do. The device number is usually set by jumpers on the drive. CD drives are commonly set to #3. Hard drives are typically set to 1 or 2.

Good Luck!
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