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While adapting to a new life style I was cleaning out my office/studio, I uncovered a collection of Apple Hypercard manuals. I liked and used Hypercard for a few years, never was very good at setting up complex reports, but was able to build reasonable question and answer presentations for trade shows. Very disappointed that Apple dropped the ball with this wonderfull program.

Anyway, I have a few manuals here which I would like to pass along.

Claris Hypercard Reference
Apple Hypercard Reference Manual
Apple Hypercard User’s Guide - 2 copies - one still in shrinkwrap
Apple Hypercard Quick Reference Guide
Claris Hypercard Script Language Guide
Apple Hypercard Script Language Guide

All are clean, good condition without damage

Any interest?

Not too far from Newmarket, could ship collect.

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I remember HyperCard! It was like a precursor to the Internet, where you could set up hypertext links between cards using buttons and fields and what not. And it was so exciting when they finally went to colour.

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