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When I go to my .mac account it says that the automatic renewal of my account will occur on 10/2/03 and because I am a Canadian it will be renewed in Canadian Currency.

I am worried that they mean that it will be renewed at the current price of a .mac account package at a Canadian retailer my case First Ave Information Services in Kitchener, ON.

This is $159.00 CDN which is significantly higher than the current exchange rate on the Canadian Dollar which is currently in the $1.40 rate .

Thus if billed at the current $99.95 USD my credit charge would be in the $140.00 range.

Thus Canadians get ripped off for almost $19.00 for the same service ??????

Comments appreciated I would assume that nobody has yet been invoiced as the initial "Free Period" would make most account renewals run into the October period.

I cannot imagine that Apple means that .mac renewals would be $99.95 CDN. ...but then again I did try the tooth fairy with extractions for my upper denture LOL .......damn another pillow case ruined
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