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Oh Noes !

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Please bear with me, fellow ehmac'ers. I'm typing this on a G4 with a VGA monitor, it works, but.....
It all happened last Friday. My G5 DP wouldn't start up, so I took 'er to the local Mac repair depot (luckily I have Applecare for a few months). They called me on Tues, and told me it was the power supply, and it would be ready at the end of the week. At the end of the week, they called me and told me that in the process of doing a take-apart, they had found that the liquid cooling system had sprung a leak,:eek: and who knows when it would be ready to take back home. I have since contacted an Apple product specialist who is working on the problem, I'm presuming (3 hrs difference between west, where I am, and East coast, which is where he is ). I haven't heard back from him, so I'm crossing my fingers. I miss
my little baby so much:-( I'd only heard about the coolant system leaking, and dismissed it as mere rumor. Surely, that wouldn't happen to me? Well, just call me Surely. I'll try to get in touch with the Product specialist and let you know what's going on. I had a touch of trouble with this mac a few years ago-logic board went, took the hard drive and video card with it. Luckily all I had to pay for was getting the stuff off the hard drive, but I had to wait 3 months to get it back.
Now, I don't wanna suggest that Apple doesn't have a great reputation for quality and innovation, but when you get a "crab-apple" and it's your first, well
I'm stumped.

well, so much for now
all the best

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We've sold dozens and never had one leak but certainly there are cases.
I often wonder if certain machines get hit hard in shipping and then problems show up later.

The liquid cooled units were/are very reliable.

Keep us posted - you might hound Apple for a MacPro :D
oh noes followup

okay, so the repair depot called me Fri. telling me my G5 is ready to go, so I guess no Mac Pro for me (at least not a free one). Darn, I was so hoping !
I guess that two big ouchies in a few years don't qualify. thanks MacDoc
for replying. Here's what got replaced: The logic board, the power supply, the cpu's and the cooling system ( I guess they're interconnected. and here's what
they think happened--the cooling system sprung a leak on the logic board taking out the cpu's. so I guess I gotta go pickup my baby later on this week

I hope that this is last time this happens. {fingers crossed}

oh noes?

Thanks for the reply, HowEver

I can't wait to see what's next....:confused:

yeah, you're right though. Here's what's been replaced-hard drive, logic board(twice)video card, cpu's, cooling system and power supply. not much original stuff in there. First repair ( a year or so ago) took 3 months. This time, I complained to Apple (should have done that in for repair #1 ). The tech at the repair depot (the company and the person shall stay nameless) told me it would take "forever" to get parts from Apple for this repair. I complained. repair was done in about 2 weeks.

Moral of the story-complain to the right person and the job gets done

btw, any ideas about the usb port problem on a powerbook G4? My mom's steamed at me because I upgraded her portable to 10.4.10 and now she can't print or use usb thumb drives, and yes, I've tried using USB problem

still., I like my G5 (even though I didn't know Apple was gonna go intel on us)
but problems....on a Mac?? yeah, it can and does happen...but still.....:rolleyes:


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but problems....on a Mac?? yeah, it can and does happen...but still.....
Another victim brainwashed by the misconception that Macs are non-breakable superior pieces of hardware. (Not your fault, FYI. Blame the media. And other Mac users. ;) )

Granted, it's not common that a Power Mac G5 has 90% of its internal components go south pre-maturely, but anything is possible, even on Macs. ;)
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