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Easy now. Your preferences seem to be broken. You might have to rebuild your library (therefore losing your playlists), but it's probably not entirely busted. Here's how you can fix it.

1) Quit itunes, if it's running.
2) Make a new folder called "broken itunes?" on your desktop.
3) Go to your music folder (/Users/(*yourname*)/Music)
4) put the iTunes folder into the "broken itunes" folder on the desktop.
5) Start up iTunes. Your playlists and stuff are probably gone. Don't worry about it.
6) Go to File:Add to Library - find your music folder, and add it (adduming that's where your MP3s are.
7) Go to town!

However, if you want your playlists back, you might try to put some of the files from the "broken iTunes" folder into the new one that iTunes made in your music folder (/Users/(*yourname*)/Music/iTunes) and see if you can get them back. If it screws up again, go to step 1 and repeat, and you've got some organizing to do, I guess.

Good luck,

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