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The other day my macbook battery seems to have completely died. I believe it is a late 2006 white macbook, has an intel 2.0ghz core 2 duo with 1gb of ram. The cycle count on the batter is 255, and I've been using it for a little over 2.5 years. The batter was working fine, and i could still get decent life out of it, around 3 hours depending on what i was doing. Then last week it just decided to quit. I was using it on battery, put it in sleep mode, and when i got home went to turn it on, and found out it was completely off. So i thought that the batter had died completely for some unkown reason, and i plugged it in, and sure enough it starts up. Then i noticed that the battery was recognized by OSX, but it wouldn't charge. Well, i've had that once or twice before, and usually just wiggling the plug solved that, but this time wiggling the plug shut the computer down, as it lost power for a second. So for some reason it doesn't seem to use the battery at all. The other odd thing is that the battery still has a charge, its not completely dead, as indicated by the lights on the battery itself, it still has 80% charge or so. I took it into the apple store, and they said my battery is shot, and they tried it with another battery, and it worked fine.
Is it normal for a battery to go bad like this?
Is there anything i can do to revive my battery, as it doesn't seem to me that the cells are really the problem?
I've read that there is some kind of charge controller built into these batteries that can be reset by removing the positive wire from the controller itself, which didn't seem to be that difficult to do. Can anyone confirm this?
I don't understand why a battery would fail in this manner, any one have ideas?

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Totally normal behaviour. Contrary to popular belief, batteries can die suddenly just like that. They don't all wear down slowly over time. The same deal applies to hard drives - "It was working fine an hour ago, what happened?!"

The battery lasted 2.5 year -- it served its purpose. If you were expecting more than 3 years out of your battery, you now know better. They are wear and tear items and after 1.5 to 2 years depending on usage, it's entirely normal for them to be next to worthless, charge capacity wise.

You may not understand it, but it's a moot point. That's how batteries work - and die. That's the blunt, honest truth.

Apple batteries are $159, third-party batteries even less. It's not a huge investment - and a hella of a lot better idea than trying to 'revive' your dead one. Don't beat a dead horse. ;)
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