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To be fair:

1. Numbers is 1.0 product. Why don't you try running your charts on a vintage copy of Excel 1.0 and see how well that works out for you? :)

2. You cannot rule out a variable with your system being the culprit. Show me reproducible results on different machines that occur as you claim and I'll believe it. I've done some fairly sophisticated (for me, I *loathe* spreadsheets) stuff (including charts) on Numbers and not had a noticeable problem, or any crashes.

I'm not saying Numbers is perfect, far from it: see point #1. I'm saying that before you make the claim that Numbers sucks, you need to be able to prove that it's actually NUMBERS that's the culprit. I know I've falsely blamed programs that were unstable many times, only to find out later than an obscure plug-in in a completely unrelated area was actually the culprit (coughRAPIDOWRITEcough).
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