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NoSpam! Question

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You answered the NoSpam! question incorrectly. Please reevaluate your answer or, if you found yourself unable to answer it, you can refresh for another question if the administrator has enabled multiple questions. If you find yourself repeatedly unable to answer the NoSpam! questions, please contact the forum administration.
I got this message when I tried to do a search on ehMac when I wasn't signed in. I tried to search a couple times and it kept coming up with this, yet I was unable to find what question it was referring to. I just wanted to do a quick search for a thread, but I was forced to log in because this message kept coming up.
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When you are not logged in, if you click on Advanced Search, there is a space for a "no spam" question.

When you do the quick search, you just get the error and not the question. It looks like a "feature" that didn't get fixed.

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