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"No Update Devices Found" - Huh?

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I'm using a first gen MacBook running Tiger. For the last couple of weeks, I've been getting the following dialogue box every time I boot:

No Update Devices Found
No devices were found that require this firmware update.
|| Quit ||

I think this started happening after I agreed to let my system install something and had to reboot. I understand what a firmware update is, but I don't understand why I keep getting this message, and most importantly, how to make it go away. Any ideas?
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Have you done a disk repair using the original install disc included with the Mac?

If you don't have the disc handy try rebooting while holding down the Shift key and let the mac do its thing.

Thanks for the reply Steevo - no, I haven't tried doing either yet, (really should have thought of that) and I'll be sure to try. I have to leave for work soon so I actually don't have time to try it now, but it'll be the first thing I do when I get home in about 13 hours. :yawn:

I'll post and say what happens.
You probably downloaded the DVD drive firmware update that Apple released about a month ago or so. Go into System Prefs, Accounts, click on your user name and click the Login Items tab. Click the firmware update that shows in the list and click the minus sign below the list. Voila.

I think that did it! Thanks buddy!
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