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No Bootable Device --- Insert Boot Disk Press Any Key

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I bought a macbook 13" 2ghz. the original disk drive was removed. I bought a brand new sata drive, install it. I inserted the restore cd 1 and press the power on. After the startup chime, i see a blank white for about 4 to5 seconds then i get the message.

the recovery disk spins up but does not boot.

"no bootable device --- insert boot disk press any key."

well the recovery cd is already in the drive.

can anyone suggest a solution??
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Hm. It should have recognized the drive... but try rebooting and continue holding down the "c" key to force it to read the DVD.
Try resetting PRAM and Open Firmware.

Might have had an XP drive in it.
yeh, hold down the C worked, as it says right on the restore CD 1. :eek:
;) ...might be time to choose another forum handle.... :lmao:
also works with

IMAC Intel series :clap:

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