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Hey everyone! I was at Apple Store University Village for the "Night of Panther" celebrations and it was aawwwesssomeee!!!! I took some pictures and I posted them up here:

hehehe, i got there like at like 7:45 and the line had already looped around!! There was people up front with their chairs and Powerbook G4s with iSights =) I took my iBook and as soon as I got into Airport range of the store I hit up Rendezvous =)

It was really fun.... plus I got three sets of dog tags since I was with my brother-in-law and my sister too!! (thinkin about selling em...hehehe they are goin for a lot on ebay! but, ill probably just keep em.)

they also gave 10% off on anything you bought in the store which was really cool!

thanks everyone!

edit: oh ya! so... if anyone really cares... I was hoping that I would be able to get Panther under an educational discount from the Apple Store because my bro-in-law is a teacher in Seattle. BUT.... they are like, "We have specific orders to not sell Panther at educational discounts in store... but you can order it off the site!" SO... I got really pissed. But, I bought Panther anyways: at full price.... and then, the next morning, I hadn't opened yet and I decided I'd rather wait a week and get it shipped to Seattle and then my brother in law can give it to me.... wait a week, save $60US+tax..... so ya! I don't have Panther yet.... starting to go bonkers here!

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