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Warning: Newbie review, apologies to the experts for not being able to give enough technical detail

Hey everyone,

Being on en email mailing list finally paid off as I was sent an offer for a free Apple seminar on the Future of Digital Production. It took place last night at the York event Theatre in Toronto.

They covered Final Cut Pro 4, Logic, Shake and DVD Studio Pro 2.

I was a total newbie going into this, as my digital experience consists of iMovie 2 and 3

I do not work in a production field, but do work in television financing. I also studied tv production and some film in college. I did just purchase Final Cut Express, so I thought attending this seminar would be good for me.

Anyway, venue was great! Was given a sample tutorial DVD for FCP and DVD Studio upon entering. Beer, wine, and bottled water were being handed out for free at the bar as well as some chips and dip.

For the presentation they used two separate Mac G5 dual 2 ghz systems. Man, those machines are fast! For each software, they used a Mini Cooper ad that has yet to hit to tv screens.

Although some of the technical stuff went in one ear and out the other, Final Cut Pro 4 looks awesome! As I have yet to use my FCE, I can't really compare it to anything. The thing that blew me away the most was the music/sound options. There's a zillion royalty free music clips to choose from, including many instruments. The cool thing is you can add several different music clips and they will sync together in rythym! Rendering times were absolutely lightning fast. There’s also a realtime preview button. FCP4 drew lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd. They had no info on the release date for it yet.

Logic is a music/sound software. The rep basically plugged his keyboard into the Mac and was able to emulate every instrument every created. Very cool.

Shake is a video special effects program. They demonstrated how they combined certain shots together using a green screen and how to fix certain aspects of your shot you thought would be impossible. Effects included adding motion to a still car wheel, putting a reflection on the side of a car, superimposing a background, etc.

Last was DVD Studio Pro 2. I’ve never produced dvds yet so I’m not sure how to comment on this one. Has very professional looking templates. Apparently their theory for this software was to combine the ease of idvd and the more advanced features of Studio Pro 1.5.

Oh, note to self: sit as close to the front as possible next time. They were tossing out tshirts throughout the presentation.

At the end they had Q&As and even had a raffle to win Apple shirts and some books. Once again, there were free beverages and they had some food out for everyone to enjoy.

I definitely enjoyed this experience and will look forward to attending more.

I'm sure this is common knowledge, but to see what seminars are coming to your city, check this link out:

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yeah all those softwares are KICKASS!! :D

DVD Studio Pro 2 is more advance than the Release Adobe Encore... well that's my opinion..

By the way, I'm a PC User and I'm switching to MAC now... and will get those KICKASS apps to replace my crashing Premiere
:D :mad:

Hey! There'll be another seminar on October 8!!
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