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Beat's me why people still buy PCs. Vista utterly sucks, most PC hardware is uninspiring in terms of design and usability and the price differential is small if you take into consideration the whole enchilada. The excuse of there being less software is also gone with Boot Camp, Parallels, VMware, etc. It just goes to show the enduring power of familiarity. The iPod is certainly surfing that wave as well. We're sheep. Actually we're worse. We're inward looking, self-congratulatory sheep who preach to the converted. So shoot me....
Yes, walk into a BestBuy and you'll see the throngs of PC notebooks and desktops compared to the small (albeit separately stationed) Apple offerings.

Who do you think Joe Public and his family will gravitate towards? Occasionally, you'll get a kid who pushes their family to go Mac, but that's far and few between.

Also, Apple needs a mid-range tower (non-all-in-one). It's silly for a family with an existing LCD display to spend $2700 on a MacPro Tower. They'll instead go for a $1000-1200 HP.
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