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Just bought my teenage daughter a used Mac 450 for use in digital editing. Using OS X.
Thought I would try a Mac since her AMD K6 2-300 PC was not worth upgrading. I am of course a long time windows user, but I wanted my daughter to learn the "other" Mac, since she is very inclined to arts, photography etc.

She started playing with i Movie today, but after a few minutes she got a message saying there was no disk space available.

I just looked in the disk utility and it says I have a total of 37.27GB capacity. Under OS X it says I have capacity of 8.9GB with only 1.28 available (7.62 used). For OS 9 it says there is 28.37GB capacity and 27.28 GB available (ie. 1.09 GB used)

I would presume the lack of space for OS X is the reason she is running out of space for i Movie.

1) How do I change the amount of HD space for OS X and reduce for OS 9? Can this be done?

2) How much HD space should OS X have alloted versus OS9?

Also - how many icons are allowed to be displayed in the "dock"? Can you dispaly any or all of your applications, or is there a limit? How do you add an icon?

Thanks for your help

[email protected] on day 1
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