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New tutorial for switchers

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This one looks really easy and would be great for casual computer users switching from Windows to Mac!

It's an interactive tutorial video tutorial for Mac OS X orientation that uses side-by-side comparisons between Windows and Mac OS X. This is great for Windows users who can watch how it's done in Windows and then watch -- and then try within the program -- how to do it in OS X. So, they've always got a familiar starting point from which to learn from.

There is a free demo available to see how it works, and the cost for the full OS X tutorial is US$30.00. Unfortunately, the program is only Mac OS compatible, but to you folks still using Windows but are interested in the Mac, this tutorial appears to be very clear, very step-by-step... and very good!

"It's About Time" Products - Mac learning tools - "It's About Time" to learn the Switch to Mac

They also have a tutorial for iPhoto, and I'm sure they'll be putting out more.

PS: Over at a PC forum that Ottawman, Groovetube, myself and more recently Vexel sometimes frequent, we set up a forum thread of any valuable OS X tutorials that we find. You might want to keep this URL handy (feel free to add to it!) to pass on to new users.
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Great. I could sure use a tutorial for "getting video files to play in Quicktime player rather than in a small window in my browser".

It's funny that it's only Mac OS compatible. I guess it's their way of "sticking it to the man" :) Why would a Mac user want to compare Mac OS and windoz for god's sake!

I'm gonna check out your link to the tutorials right away, thanks!
Why would a Mac user want to compare Mac OS and windoz for god's sake!
It's for new Mac users -- new Mac users as in EX-WINDOWS users. It makes sense to me for a rather larghe segment of PC users out there. Bear in mind that -- as far as I see it -- this is for "normal" PC users out there who are not savvy computer users, decided to go with a Mac, boot it up and go, "Uh... now what?" This gives new Mac users a sense of security, I would say.
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