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I picked up a couple of new toys at WWDC today, namely Panther and an iSight.

iSight is probably the best webcam I've ever tried (not to mention the coolest). The image quality is great, and it integrates quite nicely with iChat AV.

I don't think the jump to Panther will be as profound as the jump to Jaguar. The new features are cool (Expose is amazing; I'd upgrade to Panther just for it), but I can see some users sticking with Jaguar simply because it works. Heck, Apple is making iChat AV available for Jaguar (I don't think they did anything like that for Puma).

Oh, and I got a chance to play with a dual G5 today. Gah. It's fast. Very fast. I'm trying to figure out how I can bring a GIANT ALUMINUM COMPUTER without C cluing in that I've bought yet another gadget.
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