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New OS X Web Browser

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Wired reported this today:

OWB-New Web Browser Leverages Apple's Web Kit Engine

There’s a new open source web browser on the block. The “Origyn Web Browser” (OWB) is based on the open-source WebKit browser engine, the same technology behind Apple’s Safari.
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Thanks for the info. But as far as I can tell from that article, this is not a new OSX web browser. It is actually an open-source browser based on Apple's webkit, designed to be deployed on CE devices (like palms, cellphones, etc).

In other words... it is the open-source community's answer to the iPhone. It will likely work similar to the iPhone's Safari, but open source, so it could be deployed on non-Apple phones.


Edit: I can now see they have an OSX download, but I suspect it's mostly to test development rather than act as an actual browser.
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