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New Music Service from Apple!!!!

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This sounds SOOOOOO cool and exactly what I have been waiting for, for so long. MacCentral has live reporting here.

What I love so far....

"The Apple music service will offer one-click downloads. You can use iTunes to "browse" the entire music store by genre, artist and album. Apple is offering music tracks not available anywhere else, including Bob Dylan, U2 :D
, and others."
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The reason the service is not yet available in Canada is due to the fact that American and Canadian copyright laws are completely different. So, every single one of the 200,000 songs that are available have to be cleared for publishing and licensing rights. This means dealing with tens of thousands of people in the Canadian music industry to get all the clearances. This is no fault of Apple or Canada. Apple are an American based company and I can see why they got all the American clearances first. Hey, all the Yanks can test and debug the system and then it will be ready for us. I am curious as to what the cost per track will be for us - still 99cents? Also, to those who said it was not fair that a 1 minute track cost 99 when a 10 min track cost the same? Is it really unfair? Isn't it quality and not quantity? I have used all of the music services - and this one blows them all away as far as ease of use, availability of tracks and videos - all playing in iTunes! It's awesome and I can't wait to be able to use it ;o) CHEERS!
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Hey Chealion

If you go to the main page for exclusive artists which are listed on the home page you will see a link that says video under exclusive tracks -I think sum 41 had a video...massive attack...queens of the stone age...those are all good ones.

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