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New Music Service from Apple!!!!

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This sounds SOOOOOO cool and exactly what I have been waiting for, for so long. MacCentral has live reporting here.

What I love so far....

"The Apple music service will offer one-click downloads. You can use iTunes to "browse" the entire music store by genre, artist and album. Apple is offering music tracks not available anywhere else, including Bob Dylan, U2 :D
, and others."
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Strongblade, it's hard to imagine Apple turning down any sort of revenue stream, or, more importantly, ways to increase market share of their computers. If the various digital devices need a hub, then let the hub be an Apple computer. Some acknowledgement that Canada would be online by Canada Day would have made some sense, rather than the "US billing address only" pronouncement.
A technical question about iTunes4 and the new iPods. I don't profress to understand the technical aspects of the new AAC codec system with the new iPods/iTunes4 over what existed last week. However, if there is a benefit of this new system, is it still possible to download parts of of a classical musical score (e.g, the second movement of "The New World Symphony") off of an existing CD and have this coded in the newer format? Personally, I would love to have an array of play lists of bits and pieces of the various CDs I bought and own. Might this task prove to be problematic with a new iMac, a new iPod and iTunes4?
I think that jwoodget just answered this question in another thread, so sorry for the misplacement of this question. Paix.
Will she want to do this during her leadership run?
I think that a great deal will depend upon her showing in the leadership race, and whether her level of support warrents a front line cabinet position.
1 - 5 of 54 Posts
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