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New Music Service from Apple!!!!

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This sounds SOOOOOO cool and exactly what I have been waiting for, for so long. MacCentral has live reporting here.

What I love so far....

"The Apple music service will offer one-click downloads. You can use iTunes to "browse" the entire music store by genre, artist and album. Apple is offering music tracks not available anywhere else, including Bob Dylan, U2 :D
, and others."
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Well, where I can't argue that "Not Available outside the US" does suck, it also makes sense. After all, this is a brand new avenue for Apple. To try and start off too big too soon might over-tax their set-up. After all, if it did, it might cause an implosion that could create small black hole, sucking the earth into it and ending life as we know it!

How will you stream music THEN, huh?

Seriously, though. It's probably not very long before we get access. Be patient. It hasn't even been running for 24 hours yet.

And your 6.x Pro key for QT should work fine.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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