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New Mac Product unveiled....sort of.

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My class in I, in preparation for our annual school pumpkin decorating contest had an idea: what if we take an ordinary pumpkin and transform it into a fully functioning, first ever organic (sort of) computer? Well, it didn't take them long to rip apart a defunct LC 475 and gut the unsuspecting pumpkin. We had so much fun that the kids developed a marketing campaign, company name (Organitech) FLASH graphics, brochures and a video commercial. Here are some pics of the finished product -> the pMac. What a fun day!

Note: we apologize for the crude port hack job. We actually ended up fashioning a nice bezel out of old plastics and left-over pumpkin. In case of shock we covered the logic board and any volatile parts with a static bag in the final version.

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Pretty cool!

I just saw an old mac at Value Village for $8. Maybe I'll run down and grab it and make something out of it.
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