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New Mac Mini stuck on bootup

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Just set up a new, refurbed Mac Mini, downloaded software updates and now it won't start.

I was stuck on the thermometer screen with no thermometer. I safe booted and removed the only Login app - iTunes Helper. I rebooted and now the thermometer moves all the way to the end and then nothing.

Any ideas?
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If you haven't stored any data on it yet, boot from the Install Disc 1 and do an "Erase and Install."
After much Googling, I found a workaround. If you start the Mini with the monitor off, it starts up just fine. Not an ideal solution obviously and there's something wrong with 10.4.10.

I'm going to re-install and upgrade to 10.4.9, the last known good release.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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