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I just read about Roy Disney handing in his resignation and recommending that Michael Eisner do the same. Let's jump to some conclusions.
1. Disney and Pixar are negotiating the newest version of their contract. Maybe some extra back door deals?
2. Mr. Eisner is no longer viewed as a visionary.
3. Mr. Jobs is viewed as a visionary.
4. Mr. Eisner can't seem to figure out what people/consumers want.
5. Mr. Jobs has a knack of knowing what we want before we do.
6. Steve Jobs is already a movie industry insider.
7. Steve Jobs admitted he probably has one great platform left in him. Was that OS X, or the iPod?
8. Apple is chugging along very nicely right now, thank you very much. Isn't one of the worlds greatest cliches, "getting out while your still on top"?
9. Is it just me or has Apple just spent the last few years circling the Microsoft wagons, and seems just about ready to launch a devastating blow?
10. The twentieth anniversary of the Macintosh is right around the corner, maybe Steve Jobs has one last insanely great idea to unleash, before he hands over the reigns to a truly remarkable team he hand picked and molded to his liking since 1997.
Believe me, I would hate to see it happen, because I really like Apple with Steve Jobs at the helm, but his personality and ego seem perfectly suited to turning the bloated, sluggish, and reactive Disney Corp into the icon of the industry it deserves to be.
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