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New iMacs at Apple Store in Laval

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Allo les folks, called the Laval Apple Store and the new iMacs are in. Going to go during the lunch hour because I am close by. There are fair amounts, supposedly, of end-of-line product. Will report back in the afternoon. Salut!
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Hey let me know how it went.. I want to go tonight.. been waiting for the new imacs for months now to make the switch...
The new iMacs and Mac Minis are in stock. They are demoing the higher-end 20-inch models so be advised before purchase; the processor, video card, etc. are not the same. They have the 24-inchers as well. They look really great. They keyboard looks great and feels great. No keyboards in stock to purchase separately. Played around a little in iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie and Garageband. iDVD themes are nice, with great little soundtracks. iMovie was fun to use also. I am thinking it will be great for small projects. Pieces de resistances will need iMovie HD and more. Tried a track in Magic Garageband; that will be fun to play around with the kiddies. Oddly, no pricing yet on end-of-line iMacs and Mac Minis, but they have stock and they can put one aside for you over the phone for same-day purchase.
Thanks a lot

I'm planning on going tonight. My mind is set on the higher end 20inch but I'll see if I get tempted by the 24 tonight... as it is 300$ difference. Since I'm an MBA student, I'll get the student discount and I'll also used the ipod promotion for student I guess.
Welcome to ehMac, El. Back to school is effectively in effect with the new iMac. And you will be tempted by the 24-inch. Trust me. Just watch one of the QT trailers.
Hey, got the 20 finally... saved the money for extra ram and a BT keayboard/mouse...
Any recommanded canadian site for the ram?
I just got mine from CanadaRAM: good price, excellent service.
There are also other Mac resellers around here, I guess you can easily contact them.
There's and they're in Brossard. They will only ship though, but it's only $5 next day delivery. There is a deal at also, for around $50. Check ehmac's classifieds also. There may be some good deals. has good prices on ram
49.99 with 10 rebate=39.99
Sont deja en stock?! Awesome! The other "Apple resellers" in town don't have them yet. I just want to play with the new keyboard. Do they load the computers with all the possible applications? I want to see how it'll do for editing in FCP. My stock keyboard works fine but I need something new! I'll wait the 3 weeks if necessary.

Merci, Mike.
Hey John, all the iMacs are loaded up with software. They are demoing the higher end 20-inch models with 1GB of Ram, so you will be able to test how responsive they are.
I'm actually looking for a Mac Pro but I want the iMac keyboard :p

It'd be fun to see how they run under pressure, though! Thanks Mike.
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