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New HD Problems - HELP!

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I just upgraded my HD from the puny 30GB it came with (TiPB circa 2001, 667MHz w/ 512 RAM, OSX10.4) to a 120GB. Installed at a certified installer.

However, I'm now at approx. 48GB and I'm getting error messages in Tomato Torrent and iTunes that the disk is full! What gives?? I've been able to transfer files from my flash drive to the HD after the torrent messages (about 60MB worth), but now I'm having to delete movies/tv-shows in order to download new ones. I tried moving the offending files into new directories, but it didn't work.

ANY SUGGESTIONS?? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Gee... I heard of the 137GB barrier but nothing of a 48GB barrier... be thankful Mac OS X is reporting disk full instead of trying to write past the barrier and corrupting data.

Curious, 48GB free or 48GB used?
How did you transfer your data from the old HD to the new HD? You're not out of space if you've only used 48GB.. the OS is reporting incorrect values. Correctable most of the time by using a high-end disk utility or reformatting. (assuming that is actually the issue.) If you open Macintosh HD, it should say at the bottom of the window how much free space remains -- what does it say? TiBook's had no HD size restrictions (not at 120GB, anyway).
The apple tech used a disk image program to copy over my OS and all my files (so I could save the labour costs of re-installing the OS again and having him burn all my files to disk). My HD is reporting 46GB used, 65GB free. Will I have to re-format?? I'd really rather not have to do that, but if it's necessary ...

Is there a disk utility that I could use? What would you recommend? I'm willing to pay for it, if it saves me from having to re-format my disk (as I have some programs that I no longer have the disks for, like Matlab, which I got while I was at University).

-- Kristine
What does Disk Utility in Applications/Utility report?

Edit: Opps! I missed it. Are those two the only applications giving you "Disk Full" errors? Try updating the applications themselves. For tomato torrent, delete all the pref files. See if that works.

I don't think you need to reformat at all because 46GB+65GB= 111GB as it should be, meaning that the disk is properly formated and the OS is correctly seeing the properly formated disk.
Daktari: by "pref" files, do you mean "preference files" or "previous files"?

I'm gonna try and see if updating the OS and deleting & re-installing Tomato solves the problem.

-- Kristine
sounds like the drive jumpers are set wrong
Updated my OS with the latest update for 10.4 & re-installed Tomato. Everything seems to be working normal now, no more error messages ... so far. I have no idea what was wrong, but everthing seems to be back to normal.

-- Kristine
I have also copied a drive onto a larger one on a production Mac before and I also had oddies. Deleting prefs and re-installing dumb programs straightened thing out.

The smartest thing you can do is back up your drive just in case. Second thing is do it monthly just in case if not sooner till things settle.
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