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Apple TV (4K, model A1842) - Recent refurb purchase ( Mid April)

Problem: ATV does not display all episodes of any TV Show from locally stored iTunes library.
It will stream programs from Apple TV +

ATV home screen > Computer > Local iTunes Library > TV Shows
Selecting a TV show
Several episodes will be displayed across the screen. 
This appears to be a random selection of SOME of the total number of episodes available for any particular TV Show (for example 7 out of 65 available) Text below each icon displays duration (time), not title or description.

A button labeled “Season” is displayed, click on this does not show a choice of season, sometimes just takes you to the first episode displayed on the above list.

I have yet to find a means of selecting all episodes of any TV Show.

I am very annoyed to discover that my new, more advance & $$$, ATV will not do what I could do with my previous/[SIZE=["5"]older 2nd Gen. ATV. (Which still works)[/SIZE]

My iTunes ( ) Library is located on an external HD, consisting of recorded OTA programs and purchased shows from Apple. All accessible from desktop iMac or ATV Gen.2, without problems. Home Sharing is on, works fine!

ATV connected via ethernet cable, HDMI to older large screen TV.

Computer: mid 2010 27” iMac, OSX 10.12.6

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has encountered this problem - and found a solution/workaround. All suggestions accepted

EDIT:Sorry for the misplaced post. I don't know how/why this post ended up here, and I do not know how to remove it
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