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- Can I use dual screen with my CRT or is it just for video mirroring?

Extended Desktop, it will support pretty high res on the second monitor

- Whats is the difference between S-video and composite?

S-Video or "RCA" Cables.

- If I can do all of the above, whats the difference with the 15" and 17" ??? (display wise)

I believe you need a $40 adapter to do SVideo and Composite.

-How fast/slow is the video card compared to the ones in the 15"/17". Is it good for gaming (present and futur games)

32 MB card would be fine for current games, I wouldn't hold my breath for Doom 3 though.

- How good is the screen? I am currently using an IBM laptop (thinkpad something, p3 dvd and all..), how does the screen quality compares?

I don't know how it compares, but it's a pretty nice, sharp screen.
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