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Okay, this is a longshot, but is there anybody reading this who uses a current model PowerBook G4 15" (867mhz or 1ghz) and lives in Kingston?

Just today the LED on my power adapter went out, followed by the OS showing no AC power (only battery). I tried everything I could think of... different power outlets, resetting the PMU... jiggling the connector... screaming and yelling...with no luck. I have the distinct feeling that the adapter has shorted.

If anyone has a compatible power adapter (the 65Watt white square version with the white tip, not the 45Watt version with the silver tip) and lives in Kingston... I'd love to test it with my PowerBook to see if it's my adapter, or my PowerBook, that is broken.

I have a replacement warranty part on order from Apple but there are no guarantees as to when it will arrive, and I have really critical data on my 'Book that I need to back up. I don't think my battery has enough juice left in it to transfer everything I need, so I'm scared to turn the computer back on without having a working adapter handy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm posting this on Saturday the 13th of September. Even if I could have just 10 seconds with somebody's power adapter, that would be enough time for me to verify whether it's my adapter or the computer itself that's faulty.
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