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Need Help with SOHO Notes 6

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Just installed my registered version of SOHO Notes 6. In my attempts to Restore Database, I get this: "Permission is denied and that I don't have permission to write into the OpenBase databases directory. You cannot restore databases without write permission to the /Library/OpenBase/Databases directory. Please ask your administrator to grant you write permission, and then try again." I am the administrator. There is no option to enter my password. How do I get around this? I cannot use Soho Notes until then. Is there anyone who is using SOHO Notes who can help me out here?
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Got it working, but not without playing with the ownership in the OpenBase folder. Never had to do that before.
There have been some changes with a recent release of Openbase (Daylite also uses Openbase).

I'm surprised that your SOHO rep didn't inform you of the changes.
No such thing as a rep. I'll be lucky if I get a reply back from them from their website support.
No such thing as a rep. I'll be lucky if I get a reply back from them from their website support.
Did I mention that I am an Elite Daylite Partner, happy to assist with any of my customer's Daylite questions? And that Marketcircle (the developer's of Daylite, not directly affiliated with Oakbridge) is a Canadian company located in Markham? And that they have wonderful support and a knowledge-base, and online forums?


Okay end of shameless marketing plug...

I am aware of the trials of obtaining support from Chronos. I've got a customer that I do FileMaker work for who uses the older Group Organizer and I've heard of their problems getting support questions answered. I guess it is part of the difference between using a $99 US application (SOHO Organizer) and a $199 US application (Daylite).
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