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I would agree with everyone here as it's a waste of money...most of the time...

I have never bought an extended warranty, until I purchased my powerbook G4 800. This thing has been nothing but problems to me. 3 weeks after I got it, the display and the logic board had to be replaced. 3 months ago, the paint around the side started to bubble and I had it replaced.

I decided to purchase the applecare just because of my luck with this thing.... not 2 days after the apple 1 year warranty was up, the logiboard on the display connector as well as my internal hard drive died. Total cost without the Applecare.....over $1800.00 to replace if I didn't have the 539.00 applecare.

This time for me it's worth it. Although I do agree that if you haven't notcied and problems with it before a year is up, chances are you will never have a problem with it. However you also have to look at Apple's new strategic pricing. I am sure in order for them to get the prices down, it is indeed the lowest bidder gets the contract.
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