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Powerbooks and iBooks ...maybe - the problem being that the type of things that generally occur are NOT covered by warranty and that $500+ goes a long way to fix the things that actually occur like dropped portables or spilled drinks.

Towers it's a waste of money.

New models of portables - say the 17" which is in it's first year should be extended IF you intend to keep the unit. Remember you have a year to renew so assess the machine over the first year.
Many buy the extended then trade the machine out

Even then Apple can be difficult on obvious design flaws ( the TiBooks had a number ) like broken hinges or a broken case on the slot load area - ther was a reason Apple went to the tougher aluminum.
Watch the web for "design issues" for your intended purchase and try and buy a "proven" model.
The difference in failure rate between early models and later gens are enomous.........and of course back that data up...a few hundred spent there REALLY can pay off. :D

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