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My cousin David, who is in his mid-50s, has terminal cancer. He is undergoing his third or fourth (I’ve lost count) round of chemotherapy, this time as part of a trial of a new cancer drug. He has to spend two 8-hour days in the hospital for each treatment.
During his previous rounds of chemo, his son would bring his original ibook to the hospital so my cousin could watch a movie on the DVD player while the drugs went into his system. Now, David’s son has moved to new York, taking his ibook with him and David is desperate for some way to continue to watch DVDs at the hospital, to keep him from dwelling on the poison that’s running into his arm.

Money is very, very scarce, so David can’t go out and just buy another ibook.

Does anyone in this community have a Mac (or other) portable computer with a DVD drive that they could loan or lease cheaply to my cousin for the next few months? It doesn’t have to have any other special capabilities -- just play DVDs. He can plug the computer in next to the treatment bed so it doesn’t even need a working battery.

He is in Toronto.

If you can help, please email me privately at [email protected].

I will post this in both Town Hall and Trading Post to reach the widest group.

Thanks in advance.

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