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N-spec wifi range for non N wifi cards

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Title says it all...

My apartment block has become busier and my Netgear834G no longer gives me full range. I have borrowed a Netgear 834/102 spec but it has had only a marginal impact: the firmware is more recent so there are fewer errors but the range is essentially the same.

What will happen if I buy an N-style base router? I know I won't get the speed, but that is irrelevant with only a couple of computers hooked to it. What about these enormous range improvement claims? Will I get them with 'G' cards in my Macs?
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I don't think you'd gain any range. Remember that communication is a two way thing. Even if the base unit can broadcast farther, your Mac won't increase it's range. So, depending upon your current weak link, swapping out the base unit may not help at all. Switching to one that does N won't do anything because you're still using the G part.
Hmm ... not sure I understand you answer. If a transmitter increases its power, then an antenna of identical quality will receive a higher quality signal. Unless of course if the increased power is reserved to the 'N' style transmissions. My instinct tells me that N should be better in both N and G modes. Anyone with real world experience?
I believe the range gain is only available to 802.11n cards. Like Atroz stated, you need an 802.11n router AND card.
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