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I was on a Saturday visit to one of my accts in St Catherine, and decided that being so close must at the very most warrant a visit to the Mecca, the Paradigm of Power PCs: the mighty Buffalo Apple Store. What a trip... 1st getting questioned at the border was not cool.. but that's another post. Anyhow, after getting to the mall, I made an immediate dash for the map and voilà! Spotted the Fruit!. I then proceed to take pics of the spot, along with a friend. Wondering why I was so excited, told her that Mac users/owners/ehMacians just think different, and as such are proud of our strong solidarity. :D (she's been thinking of switching for a hot minute... ). Anyhow, inside is much like you've seen online - layout, set-up, colors, displays etc... All units are all airport enabled. Was actually going to post from there, but just decided to leave the page up for them to browse. A few were even set up with iSight (a little bigger than I imagined), and would have conversed with anyone around - but I didn't want to get too comfy
. Nonetheless, I was wowed with much of the systems wich were set up. Here were a few:

DV Set-up | More DV outfits | Fresh POP

But in all, I went to to see what it is that WE should be next for. Over a drink at the Genius Bar, a staffer there was saying that he felt that Toronto shoud be one of the next few for consideration. They've opened in Japan now, and thinks that we are the most logical pick! Hope so! Will there be a 2004 Apple Store committee? ;)

Anyone able to go, should make the trip. Pure enlightenment.
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